Friday, 22 May 2015

Extended School Clubs Status

Monday: Mini Summer Sports yrs R-2
Tuesday: Wildlife Explorers Club KS2
Wednesday: Junior Summer Sports KS2
Thursday: Arts & Crafts
Friday: Cricket Yrs 2-4

All clubs above for the June-July term will be going ahead as planned.

The only club which is full is the Wildlife Explorers Club

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Class Three Roman Assembly

On Thursday 14th May at 9.30 the children in Year Three will be performing their class assembly about the Romans. Parents of children in our class are welcome to come and watch!

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

RSPB Sandwell Valley

What a superb afternoon we all had at RSPB Sandwell Valley. Thank you to Mrs Glare for organising the event and well done to all of the children who were so enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Some pictures have been added to our special events page.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Class 5 Mock Election

Due to the 2015 General Election, children in class 5 spent some time discussing and furthering their knowledge of politics. We discussed what voting is and how it works and then we spoke about the different political parties. Children were then given some time to research the different parties to gain an understanding of which party they would be most inclined to vote for. In the classroom we then set up a polling station, children were issued with their own poll card and Mrs Russell and Mrs Parsons acted as Poll Clerks. Children put their votes into a ballot box. Hopefully this activity has helped us to gain a better understanding of the process and the importance of an election.

Year 4 and 5 trip to West Midlands Safari Park

Year 5, along with Year 4, enjoyed a fantastic day out at West Midlands Safari Park as part of our current science topic about animals. In the coach we went on a safari to see a wide variety of amazing animals such as: rhinos, white tigers, wild dogs, elephants and lions. We had a Park Ranger on board to tell us all about the different species. After lunch we went on a walk through the spooky bat caves (where bats flew freely), fed the colourful lorikeets (some children even had them land on their heads!) and walked through the aquarium and creepy crawlies! Some of use were fortunate enough to feed the penguins, they loved gobbling up the fish! Later on in the afternoon we listened to a reptile talk and ventured through the reptile house. After an ice lolly break we had a classroom session with a park ranger about the classification of animals, we got to touch cockroaches, a hermit crab, a corn snake and even a skunk! Despite a bit of drizzle we went on a walk through lemur woods and fed cabbage to some very hungry hippos! To end the day we went on a dino trail where we saw huge robotic replicas of incredible dinosaurs! What a terrific time had by all! A big thank to all the staff who accompanied the children: Mrs Collins, Mrs Russell, Mrs Newbould, Mrs Latino-Kelly, Mrs Barton and Mrs Brandon-Pike.