Friday, 30 March 2012

Abernant Day 5 (Friday)

Okay the rooms are clean – yes – really clean!

The coach is waiting!

The bags are packed (although not quite in the same order as they came in!!!!!!) –
good luck with unpacking them!

The children are fed.

I guess we are soon to be on our way home.

See you in a short while.

And . . . The sun is still shining!

Abernant Day 4 (Thursday)

Today started and ended with glorious sunshine! We had a super day and we really hope Matthew, our birthday boy, did too. I could tell you a bunch of amazing stories about your children, but I will let the photos do the talking.

We really did have another fabulous day and we have many, many more photographs that will hopefully find there way onto the Blog over Easter. We had the perfect end to the evening with a MASSIVE piece of birthday cake each!!

I must warn you – you are about to receive some very weary children. Most of them had to be woken this morning, so if they are a little grumpy on their return, we do apologise.

We have truly enjoyed watching your children grow this week. The transformation in their organisational skills has been amazing. I really hope we can continue the trend for the remainder of year 5. They have really tested themselves on each activity, some overcoming genuine fears. The trainers have commented on how polite the children are and how they really do work as a team. A real credit to the school and importantly to you as parents.

Thank you for loaning your children to us.

Abernant Day 3 (Wednesday)

Firstly I must send a massive thank you to Mr. Pittaway for putting everything on to the Blog! And that is closely followed by an apology for not getting more information to you all. During the Easter break I will Blog more of the wonderful photos for you all to see.

So . . .

Wednesday - oh yes - another full day of sunshine and fun :)

The day started with a trip to the lake for all the activity groups. It was super to watch all of the activity groups battling with one type of paddle or another! The session was brilliant fun with a finale of an Abernant Mexican wave! Even the instructors fell backwards into the lake. We left the lake exhausted and wet; very, very wet!!!

Once dry again (well, nearly dry!) the day continued with an array of activities . . .

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Abernant Day 2 (Tuesday) - More Pictures!

Here is a selection of new pictures from yesterday! Click on the pictures to see the bigger versions!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Abernant Day 2 (Tuesday)

A message from Mrs Collins:
"I must apologize for the lack of Blog activity this year.  Sadly the computer is unable to access it so I do not think I will be able to update you this way.  The plan is to send information via email to Mr. Pittaway who will then distribute it to the school Blog. Not ideal, but hopefully better than nothing.

I am delighted to say that the children have remembered to pack their manners and this is wonderful to watch with lots a giggles and smiles on suntanned faces.

Postcards should be written and posted today (although they will probably arrive sometime during the Easter holidays!!).

Activities for today:
Activity grp 5: Obstacle course, Nature trail and orienteering
Activity grp 6: Abseiling, Blind trail and Fencing
Activity grp 7: Zip-wire, Obstacle course and Blind trail
All groups joined together for a Hill Walk with Mrs. Clewer and Mrs. Russell whilst Mrs. Collins tried (without success) to activate the Blog.

Food for the day:
Breakfast:  cereal, Sausage, bacon, beans, hash browns, scrambled egg and toast
Lunch: spaghetti, chicken dippers or tuna pasta bake with chips, salad, coleslaw, cheese followed by fresh fruit or a hot crossed bun
Tea: BBQ (very exciting - the children are really looking forward to this)

The children appear to be having a super time and I know the staff are really enjoying their company, as well as the activities.

I will try and get another update to you as as soon as I can, however, sadly I do not think the Blog is going to get as regular updates this year.

Best wishes to everyone back home from sunny Wales!!!!"

Abernant Day 1 (Monday)

Apologies for the delay in getting these up - Mrs Collins has been having technical issues with the blog over in Abernant!

In the meantime, she has provided us with a rather nice Powerpoint file containing a great selection of pictures and descriptions of the activities from yesterday. Click here to have a look! (Note you will need Powerpoint Viewer to view this - it can be downloaded for free from here.)

More pictures (hopefully) to follow!

Friday, 23 March 2012

Class 1's Trip to Dudley Castle

Today was the day of Class 1's trip to Dudley Castle and Zoo.  We had a fantastic day which allowed the children to get a hands on experience of all the things we have learnt this term. 

We were greeted by the Lady of the Castle who took us into the dark, cold, smelly Castle! 

 It was so smelly that people used to carry lavender bags with them ...

We learnt about crime and punishment of Castle times ...

Thomas was punished for being drunk and was put in the stocks where we pretended to throw rotten apples at him! Robert was punished for hunting on the Lady's land and almost had his head chopped off ...! Alyssa was punished for kissing a boy before she was married and was put in hand locks.  Kate was accused of being a witch and Campbell was punished for stealing the Lady's bread.

We learnt about the types of food that would have been eaten.  It looked and smelt horrible ...

although someone seemed to like it ... !
We were then introduced to some of the creatures who would have been around in castle times.  We got to stroke the Lady's ferret.

We also learnt about the plague and other illnesses that people suffered with.  A rat climbed on MacAndrew as he slept so Luca, the Doctor came to check on him ... with his protective mask on of course!

We were then allowed to get our hands on the Castle weapons ... We had lots of fun doing this!

 At the end of our time in the Castle, Elizabeth was knighted a Lady and Toby was knighted a Lord!

We have had such a brilliant day, it was extremely worthwhile and fun for the children so I would like to take this time to thank all of the parents of children in Class 1 who contributed to the trip and made it happen.  I hope you enjoy looking at our photos.
Miss Highfield