Friday, 21 July 2017

Expansion Blog Update 7

The Education Infrastructure Team have issued the following statement:

20th July 2017

Moor Hall Primary School Expansion: Update

Following the Schools Adjudicator’s conditional ruling to approve the expansion of Moor Hall School providing planning approval is granted by 21st July 2017:

  • Birmingham City Council (the Local Authority) asked the Office of the Schools Adjudicator (the OSA) for a modification to the condition of achieving planning permission by 21st July 2017 (on the basis that it is difficult for the Local Authority to implement the proposal).
  • In preparation, while the Local Authority awaited a response from the OSA, the Education Infrastructure Service submitted the planning application on 4th July 2017
  • The OSA have responded to the Local Authority and determined that a modification to the conditional planning date is not possible.

  • Due to the condition of planning permission not being achievable by 21st July 2017, the Local Authority will do the following:
    • Not implement the proposal to expand Moor Hall Primary School for 1st September 2017.
    • Under advisement, submit to the OSA the proposal, as outlined, with both a modified conditional date to achieve planning and modified implementation date of 1st September 2018.

  • Reception places for pupils in 2017:
    • The Local Authority acknowledges that not implementing the expansion for 2017 will cause inconvenience and disappointment for members of the local community that are looking for a local school place in this part of Sutton Coldfield.
    • The Local Authority will continue to closely monitor the demand for Reception places during 2017 and implement reactive measures where possible.

  • The Education Infrastructure Team will provide further updates when the outcome of the most recent request to the Schools’ Adjudicator is known.
  • If all relevant approvals for implementation 2018 are achieved, the Local Authority’s Education Infrastructure Service will establish a Stakeholder Group for the duration of the project to ensure there is an on-going opportunity to communicate and engage with interested parties.

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