Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Expansion Update 24th April

During the Easter break the car park was completed. This will provide us with a significant increase in space and has had very little impact on the school's field. A large area of scrubland was cleared in order for space to be made available. Once the project has been completed the area that is presently being occupied by Balfour Beatty units will be used for additional car parking space.

There have been a lot of interesting pieces of equipment being used to do a variety of work over the last few weeks. Miss Shindler came in to school during to holidays and was very excited to have seen a large machine pumping concrete over the top of the school building.

The majority of the work at the school has been focused on the hall expansion. This is progressing well on schedule.

This is a photo of a hired Vac-Ex machine which we use to excavate around live services. It’s like a big Vacuum that removes the risk of striking live services with digger buckets!!

This is where a new pathway will connect the hall to the new block. This pathway will be sheltered and will pass through an area where there will be plants and a pond.

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