Thursday, 8 February 2018

Expansion Feb 8th 2018

Work started at Moor Hall on 29th January 2018. This is one of the first photographs of Balfour Beatty starting to create temporary parking surfaces. The fencing was put up first in order to make sure that the whole area was secure and that there was clear separation from the children.

In the first week there has been a lot of progress in installing the temporary car park. Once this is operational, the staff of the school will be able to park their cars on the temporary surface and Balfour Beatty will then install cabins on the existing car park. This will mean that there will be increased car parking space for staff at the return to school on 26th February.

The surface that is nearest the school will then be used to ensure that the heavy equipment is able to operate on a secure footing. Once the work has been completed the large area that you can see below will be reinstalled as grass.

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D Wheldon said...

Thank you for keeping parents up to date with what is happening. I hope this will continue throughout the whole expansion process.