Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Expansion Update 27th February 2018

We return after half term with quite a few changes. During the holiday ground was cleared where the old secret garden was situated. This is to free up space for the bulk of the building work on the new block.

One of the striking things about this picture is the visibly poor condition of the existing building. In 2009 the school received in excess of £32k pa for capital work. In 2010 this was cut to £6k pa to cover building maintenance and ICT infrastructure. This has meant that during the past 7 years we have had very little funding in order to maintain our school building. £6k would hardly scratch the surface of what is required on a maintenance program. Sadly, this continues to be an issue for us.

During the holiday some asbestos was removed from the boiler house. This was mainly 'spillage' on ladders that are in the boiler house. The boiler house had been cleaned of asbestos by the LA seven years ago. The asbestos was fully contained within the boiler house and posed no threat to any of the children.

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